Established in 1989, Fabian & Son Heating and Cooling serves the north side of Chicago. We design and install a wide range of HVAC products and provide quality service, repair and maintenance. Our comprehensive understanding of your system's engineering enables us to keep your system running trouble-free for as long as possible. With flexible scheduling, we offer service of the highest quality to customers with homes, condos, apartments and companies that manage residential investment properties.
Business Owner

"In 1989, I founded Fabian & Son. The heating business an excellent fit for me because it combines my engineering background and my ability to work with mechanical devices. My construction background has also proven to be a great asset, as I know both modern and vintage buildings from the inside-out. I have always loved working with my hands and taking things apart. If anyone in my family had something broken or that needed to be assembled, I would get the call.

I graduated from the University of Florida in 1979, earning my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. I returned to Chicago after graduation and started working in real estate rehabbing buildings as a general contractor. In 1987, I started to learn the heating business, working with an established heating contractor.  I also attended Triton College for training in their heating and air conditioning program."
Project Manager & Service Technician

"I like to take a holistic approach to my work - taking the time to fully understand how every facet of a project connects. This allows me to troubleshoot the issue(s) at hand and translate them into simple, clear, and accurate terms, without jargon -- so our customers will know exactly what we're doing, and why. With courtesy and an impeccable work ethic, I aim to ensure each customer is fully satisfied with my work.

I started working for my father at Fabian & Son in 2005 as an installer. While working part-time, I attended the University of Illinois Chicago, earning a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration - Management.  I focused on this field to better understand how to run our business effectively, manage our employees and improve our customer relations. I started working full-time in 2010."

Alfredo Alex Sarah (Office Manager & Dispatcher)
Matthew Ken Yai (Accounting/Billing)
Orest Mario